Security and Privacy Settings

Please review and save your settings. Some features may not be enabled until you have saved.

Networking Privacy

Tor is a community-run system for making anonymous network connections. It masks your IP address and location, thus preventing many forms of surveillance and tracking.

Using Tor may be considered suspicious or even illegal in some countries. Since the Tor network is run by volunteers, bad actors can (and do) volunteer to run exit-nodes so they can listen in on traffic; as a result Tor is not suitable for accessing the unencrypted web.

Visit the Tor project's web-site.

When sending and receiving mail, or downloading from the web:

Prefer anonymous Tor networking for encrypted connections.
Prefer anonymous Tor networking for all connections.
Do not use Tor.
Advanced Settings ...
Fall back to direct networking if connecting over Tor fails.
Disable direct networking connections completely.

Never use Tor for these hosts:
Troubleshoot recent Network Activity.

Message Of The Day

The Mailpile Team publishes updates to notify users of available upgrades and potential security vulnerabilities in Mailpile.

Update subscriptions help the Mailpile Team keep track of how many people use Mailpile, what operating systems are in use, and which languages users speak. If Tor is not installed, this may leak your IP address.

Consult the Mailpile wiki for more details.

Subscribe to Message Of The Day updates from the Mailpile Team.
Only download updates anonymously over Tor.
Generic updates only, over Tor - keeps all details about your setup private.
Disable the Message Of The Day.

Tor will be used to protect your IP address, if it is available.

Third Party Content

Mailpile can download content from the web to augment your mail. This includes user photos from Gravatar, key material from key servers, and potentially other sources.

This may leak information about your address book and use of Mailpile to the providers of these services. If Tor is not installed, this may leak your IP address.

Learn more about: Gravatar, Key Servers

Enable downloading of third party content from the web.
Only download third party content anonymously over Tor.
Do not download third party content.

Tor will be used to protect your IP address, if it is available.

Securing Your Data

Mailpile can encrypt your e-mail, search engine and settings. This protects your privacy, even if your computer gets lost or stolen.

Encryption makes it harder to migrate your data to another e-mail client, slows things down and may increase the odds of data loss. Losing your encryption key becomes equivalent to losing all your mail.

Also keep in mind that the security of your data depends entirely on the strength of your password.
You can change your Mailpile password here.

On Off   -   Allow deletion of e-mail from servers and mailboxes
On Off   -   Encrypt locally stored e-mail.
On Off   -   Encrypt the contact database.
On Off   -   Encrypt the system event log.
On Off   -   Encrypt other (miscellaneous) data.
On Off   -   Strongly encrypt the local search index (slow).

  • Changing encryption settings will only affect data created or edited from now on.
  • The search index is always at least partially encrypted because it is so sensitive.
  • The configuration is always kept encrypted, because it may contain passwords.